Chum City

Chum City

Short floating jigs for Chum is the most successful way of catching clean chum. I see so many guys on the river using wool and a weight; sometimes a float. These guys are dragging in rotten purple/black chum wth sores. The reason for this they’re dredging the bottom for anything they can get their hooks into. To me it’s not a great way use this fishery, especially if you want clean doe’s for the smoker and roe.

Im using this image from Yes this also works well for steelhead.


I usually have a light weight at the swivel. The total distance between the float and the jig is about 24″ max. I float fish in medium speed water, if there is a fast channel, I’ll run right along the edge of the change in flow speed.

I usually out fish the snaggers, and majority of fish are clean. This is because if they see the jig they will come up out of the school and snatch the offering. The ugly dogs won’t bother most of the time.

I love this time of year.

2014 Chum Salmom

Here is a dog from last year. I have only one photo of chum in 2015, used it as the featured image above.


I have been fishing all my life, only started taking it seriously when I moved to Maple Ridge in 2010. I'm a husband and father of two boys, I fish when I can.

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