Fishing with confidence

Fishing with confidence

I recently posted on Fishing with Rods forum asking the users what Fishing with confidence meant to them. There was a ton of response and the answers were great. You hear the phrase fishing with confidence a lot, and it means a lot of different things to different people.

To me is knowing that my spoon isn’t getting to the depth I want it too. For example I was fishing for coho recently and I wasn’t confident. I felt like I wasn’t getting deep enough with the light spoon I was using. I even asked another angler for a split shot. He had some but it was a good 5 minute walk away from where I was fishing. I just felt like I wasn’t going to get anything,

So confidence kicked in and I thought about how I could get it where I wanted. I ended up using different speed of retrieve, with a few pauses to let the spoon drop. I felt like this was the best way to get the depth I wanted, and wham.

Kept this beauty chrome Coho Salmon.

This bullet chrome doe hammered the spoon and began her dance. Thankfully I have setup all my spoons with Dan’s trailing hook method.¬†This method gives me the confidence that as much as she flails, there’s a great chance I will land her due to no binding of the hook.

So whatever works for you, and makes you hit that zone, do it. Be confident.


I have been fishing all my life, only started taking it seriously when I moved to Maple Ridge in 2010. I'm a husband and father of two boys, I fish when I can.

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